Thursday, April 6, 2023

Seth Walker - Garage Gym

Seth Walker is a local flipper and moderator of Home Gym Community by Garage Gym Reviews Facebook Group.  He has put together an amazing gym that he estimates at $28K-$30K retail, but is a net $0 thanks to buying and selling equipment since 2019.  For those playing at home, that amounts to turning an average profit of $675/month.  If one considers a decent flip to be doubling or tripling your money, that still works out to buying, cleaning up and selling an investment of $10,000 to sell for $40,000 and then buying what you want to keep.  A very impressive undertaking for the Lone Stag Strength Co.

I have personally purchased a York 50# Roundhead from him that he doubled his money on and it was a fair transaction for me.  I have also seen him grab a full set of Ivanko dumbbells for $400 and sell for $2,400.  The man is dedicated.

Most recently, I saw him pick up a Bandbell Bamboo Bar (retail $289) and Shorty Bar (retail $159) from Colorado Springs that were listed for $150.  It appears he is keeping the shorty and listed the Earthquake for $240.  I would assume he would take $200 for a nice $50 flip and a free Shorty Bar.

Moving on to the actual gym.  I am beyond impressed by the open space and organization.  Of note is a cable crossover built into a storage rack.  Very cool.  He has a Concept2 bike erg and another cardio piece.  (9) barbells are on display.  A set of fixed handle Titan barbells.  A very cool Eleiko platform.  Rack with built in belt squat.  Revolver weights (Hudson 7 hole rubber coated).  Medballs, Kettlebells, plyo boxes, hex dumbbells, gym mirror and television, climbing rope, gymnastics rings, medballs, storage lockers, flat bench, adjustable bench, Rogue ballistic blocks, bikes hung from the ceiling and even some strongman goodies.

I would certainly enjoy working out in this space.  He has some great banners and stall mat flooring in a two car garage.  I also really like the institutional blue paint job.  It is soothing for lack of a better word.

I am not sure what kind of training Seth does, but it seems to be functional fitness and bodybuilding.  He could certainly powerlift or doing anything else in this space.

My personal needs are not much different.  I like having a rower and a reverse hyperextension.  It appears he has owned these pieces and sold them in the past.  He has owned fatbells, other cardio equipment (ski erg, row erg, echo bike, stairmaster) and Boulder Bells.  Everything else I keep in my home gym that Seth does not is rarely used.

Very Impressed!

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