Sunday, April 23, 2023

Strongman Support Gear for Sale in Littleton

1. Cerberus Deadlift belt, red/black, size 2XL — $40 (for 41" to 44" waist, I am a 43"), retail $64.99
2. Strongman belt w/silver lever, black, size L — $40 - ($85 Arsenal Athletics)
3. Rehband soft belt, black, size XXL — $30 (for 100-110 cm, I am 110 cm), retail $75
4. Cerberus knee wraps, red/black, size 2.5m — $25, retail $33.99
5. Arsenal Elbow Sleeves, gray/black, size XL — $25, retail $40
6. Spud oly straps, black — $5, retail $15
7. Gym Reaper oly straps, black — $5, retail $14.99

I ended up meeting the seller today (4/25/2023) and all of the items were in good shape.  
  • Rehband Back Support fit perfectly and I was definitely getting that.  
  • Cerberus Deadlift belt was on the large side and if I lose much weight it will not fit
  • Lever belt was actually dialed in perfect.  I have not trained with one of these, but want to give it a whirl
  • Cerberus Knee Wraps - brand new, did not try
  • Arsenal Elbow Sleeves - too big
  • Spud Inc straps - fine
  • Gym Reapers straps - fine
I decided to offer $80 for the three belts and the wraps.  That was 70% of asking ($115) and 33% of retail ($240).  Fortunately the seller accepted.  Getting the items home, I am still pleased with the purchase and hopefully his elbow sleeves, knee wraps and gym reaper straps find a good home.  Before trying things on my intent was $50 for the Rehband and Cerberus belt or $100 for everything.  $80 fell nicely in the sweet spot.

After a lot of internet searching the belt is from Arsenal Athletics and is the American Diamondback Lever Belt that retails for $85.  I am not sure if it is still available, but the Arsenal Athletics website is down.

Listing was by Katherine Masser for her husband who was a beast, with a broad chest and thick arms.  I was slightly embarrassed that we had the same waist size.  He had competed in strongman in the past and recommended the lever belt for axle cleans as it creates a nice shelf.  Despite the items I left behind, everything was marked as sold on Facebook Marketplace.

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