Thursday, April 20, 2023

Weight It Out

Weight It Out came on the scene during the pandemic offering steel weight plates.  They were pricey, but available.  As equipment became available again they stayed on the scene due to being Made in the USA, small business, thinnest plates on the market and unique aesthetics which many people enjoy.  Finally customization is relatively cheap at a premium of $10/pair on the change plates.

Shipping is free on orders over $100 (or $14.99).

1.25 lb Golden Grams - $25.99
2.5 lb - $30.99 ($40.99 custom engraved)
5 lb - $45.99 ($45.99 custom engraved? should be $55.99)

Garage Gym Competition has a 5% off discount code.

At any rate, I was going to order the 1.25 lb, but with shipping I was looking at $40 ($16/lb).  When I added the 2.5 lb and 5 lb custom engraved plates, that took me to $100 ($6/lb) given the free shipping.

I am not sure why 1.25 plates are so ridiculously expensive.

The Strength Company - $30
Rogue Fitness - $31
Rep Fitness - $25.99
Titan Fitness - $19.99
Ivanko - $20
LeMaster - $47.99 (2.5)

Given these prices, I expect change plates to increase in value in the future.  Folks who developed home gyms from 2020-2022 will return to commercial gyms and home gym equipment is being released back into the wild.  Stronger folks who have continued to train at home will often buy multiple pairs of 45's but should have no need for a second set of change plates.  Even enthusiasts, who might be willing to pay for 45's, might balk at the price of change plates and then reconsider to complete a matching set.


45's - $225 ($2.5/lb) - blemished often listed at $160/pair
25's - $150 ($3/lb)
10's - $100 ($5/lb)
5's - $65 ($6.50/lb)
2.5's - $48 ($9.60/lb)

The cool design is only on the 45's so I have seen several folks post online about ordering a pair and applying custom paint jobs.  However, I did not see any posts regarding the smaller change plates.

Personally, I would like to collect change plates as they are easier to move and display.

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