Sunday, April 23, 2023

Strongman Saturday

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Thor Strength


Movement Test and Prep

Warm Up

Hip Hammy

18" Deadlift

225 x 10 reps - Belt, straps, mouth guard

Axle Clean and Press

115 x 3 reps - 20 seconds - Belt, Wrist wraps, mouth guard

Farmer's Hold

110 each hand x 40 seconds - Belt, Thumb tape, mouth guard

Yoke & Dumbbell

37 seconds - Belt, mouth guard

Keg Carry

150 feet in 40 seconds - Belt, elbow sleeves, mouth guard

Safety Squat Bar Finisher

As I moved through the tests in about 30 minutes, I added a finisher.  I wanted to give the Safety Squat Bar a try.  It is a nice tool, but certainly not something I would train with on a regular basis.  I did a set empty (65#) and two sets at 115#.

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