Sunday, April 30, 2023

Throwers Clinic

The RMSA will once again have a throwers clinic on April 29 in Brighton, CO. Our coaches this year will be Ryan Stewart and Nathan Burchett. These two amazing athletes have years of experience in both throwing and strength training to help you enhance your throwing ability. There will be two sessions for this clinic. The first session will be from 8 am - 12 pm. This session will be for more experienced throwers that are looking to fine-tune aspects. The second session will take place from 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm. This sessions is for newer throwers. So whether you are brand new, or have competed a couple/practiced a couple times and want to learn more in depth work, this will be the perfect session for you. The clinic is $50 cash only.

16195 Bently St, Brighton, CO 80603-8439, United States

I attended the afternoon session and received great training and feedback.  There were 7 of us in the session.  All with some throwing experience and 3 individuals had participated in a games.  We went through the events in order.  Braemar stone and Open Stone, Weight for distance, Hammer Throw, Weight over bar and Sheaf toss.

Overarching principle is that speed is primary.  Work with lighter weight and keep speed as weight increases.  Training with heavy weights kills speed.

Braemar - Fundamental foot position, facing 3 o'clock with left foot open and right foot forward of left foot.  Press stone into neck and wind up so that stone would fall behind right foot.  Accelerate and open up pushing the stone and keep momentum of left arm.

Open Stone - Start facing 6 o'clock and drive off the left foot to establish the right foot in the fundamental foot position, then pivot and keep momentum to toss exactly like Braemar.  Some athletes tape fingers for stone throws.

Weight for distance - One turn - Start facing 3 o'clock and start weight moving in a "V" in front and a "C" behind and dropping the weight to a low point around 6 o'clock spinning to a high point at 12 o'clock and then spinning and throwing.  Two turn - Start facing 12 o'clock, same "V" and "C", first turn is a tight turn and second turn is more of a step to drive power and keep it moving forward.  Some athletes were taping hands for this.

Hammer throw - Start facing 6 o'clock and hammer on right side and bring around for two turns and then launch over shoulder, opening chest up and finishing with head looking right over left shoulder

Weight for height - Brace left hand on left hip and with implement in right hand bring implement through the legs high and dip down and drive up bringing implement back low and exploding overhead.  Several individuals were wearing support belts and gloves.  One of the coaches was using an Olympic lifting strap.

Sheaf Toss - This is also a dip and drive.  Start motion with a few rocks and then bring sheaf fork through with left arm straight and right arm driving like a Heimlich maneuver and drive up.  Sheaf will launch off of the fork.  Keep head forward until sheaf leaves fork.  Kind of like a golf swing.  Ideally one would practice with their own sheaf fork.  These are not terribly expensive and can be homemade or purchased from folks like Michael Black.

The instructors were great and I did start getting tired.  My shoulder felt like it had been through it on the way home.  I enjoyed it and would attend again.

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