Friday, April 28, 2023

Support Equipment in Englewood

Stoic Elbow Sleeves- NEW Size Medium $30
Spud Inc Lifting belt - USED $50
Giants Pro Lifting Belt - USED $50 (
EXO Knee Wraps - like NEW $20
SBD Elbow Sleeves - like NEW size Small $40

Anitra Sopronyi listed the above items about 5 weeks ago in Englewood.  Per the ad, everything may still be available.  I am not particularly interested in the belts or knee wraps.

Stoic Elbow Sleeves - Retail $45, asking $30, 28-30 cm is Medium, 30-32 cm is Large, I measure right at 30 cm.  7 mm outer thickness, 5 mm inner thickness.

SBD Elbow Sleeves - Retail $65, asking $40, Chart based on Forearm and Lower Biceps.  I measure 28 cm forearm and 30 cm lower biceps which would put me squarely in the size small.  7 mm outer thickness, 5 mm inner thickness.  Manufactured in Great Britain.

Depending on what fits, I would offer $15 for the Stoics and $20 for the SBD and would be willing to go $20 or $30 respectively depending on condition.

UPDATE 5/1/2023:

Anitra ended up getting back to me on Sunday (I contacted her Friday) and we made a plan to meet Monday evening.  The Stoics had been sold, but the SBD's were still available.  They fit well and she even showed me some techniques for putting them on.  We got to talking and it turns out she trained for Strongman and now her primary focus is Highland Games (she even has a coach from New Mexico).  She is competing in the women's lightweight division at the Charity Games in Colorado Springs.  She also trains at Iron Titan gym and really enjoys it.  After talking for a while I was getting ready to pay and head home and she gave them to me free and even sent links on where I could by a kilt.  Very friendly and I am assuming our paths will cross in the future.

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