Saturday, April 15, 2023

Kabuki Strength Weights

Came across a great looking set of Kabuki change plates.  Kabuki offered steel plates in two different versions and my history is not perfect on these.  Made in USA plates for $1.20/pound is a fair deal and Kabuki is a reputable company.  I am growing more and more interested in smalls and would like to limit purchases of 45s unless they are very cool.  These appear deep dish and would be perfect for my grip set ups.

Per an interesting post on Home Gym Community by Garage Gym Reviews, Kabuki did no R&D on these and just slapped their name on the design.  Forza, Iron Company and SBW are among the companies listed using the recycled military steel.  It is also mentioned that EliteFTS and Kabuki come from the same factory.  

I contacted the seller within a couple of hours of his listing on Craigslist and am looking forward to getting them weighed.  Also curious to see if he has anything else for sale as I have rarely come across these.

Original Retail (without shipping)
45 - $170
25 - $100
10 - $50
5 - $30
2.5 - $20
$200 retail and I am paying 50 cents on the dollar and saving shipping (~$80).  I would typically pay $1/pound for iron and can sell at that price as well so this is a $15 premium for some cool plates.  Recycled munitions, carbon neutral factory, American Made in the Pacific Northwest.  Not bad.  

On a final note, they are no longer sold by Kabuki.  The story is that they were pushing plates in the face of the Covid pandemic from 2020-2022.  Weight plates are not a core competency for Kabuki.

The weights were surprisingly accurate:

25's - 24.6/24.6 (-1.6%)
10's - 10/10
5's - 5.1/5.1 - (+2%)
2.5's - 2.6/2.4 (+/-4%)

Highlighting the letters totally made the weights pop.  I am very glad I spent the time to do this.

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