Monday, April 10, 2023

Wish I was a Flipper

"All in great condition. Includes thick rubber gym floor mats (covers half a two car garage), rogue squat rack with power half rack conversion, pull up bar. Two rogue fitness bar bells, one an Ohio bar. Adidas bench. Rubber rogue fitness weights, can be dropped! Rogue fitness matador dip add on for the rack. Rogue ab may, some tension bands, two twenty five pound dumbbells, two thirty five bound dumbbells, rogue bar bell gun rack, rack safety pins. Rogue fitness Olympic Rings too! Awesome Home gym conversion!"

6 stall mats = $240
Squat rack with half rack conversion - $900
2 Bar Bells = $400
Bench = $50
Weights (280#?) = $420
Ab Mat = $10
Bands = $10
Dumbbells (120#) = $120
Barbell Rack = $30
Rings = $50
Total secondary market prices = $2230.  Asking price from seller is $700.  That is a pretty significant flip.  I need to buy a truck because transporting all of this in my Cherokee would be nearly impossible and painful.  Especially with this guy located in Westminster.  I do love the gym overall with the paneling and mirrors.

With a truck, I am looking at a three hour round trip.  An hour unloading and taking individual pictures at home.  An hour listing and then a couple of hours fielding calls and Look-E-Lous.  Even at a total of 7 hours, I am looking at a net of $1400 or $200/hour.

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