Thursday, April 27, 2023

A few Rogue Items on the Secondary Market

Garage gym package!!! Quite a few awesome pieces of equipment to outfit an impressive home set-up. This is all quality gear in great condition from reputable brands like Rep, Rogue, Spud, and Perfect Pull-up. Would love to sell it as a complete package. 200$ and take the whole thing!!! No low ball please.

Rep Fitness Pull-up bar (mounting hardware included): 75$ - not interested
+AB hanging straps with Loop D-rings: comes with Pull-up bar - not interested
Rogue Fitness Parallettes: 75$ - have a great set
Spud Inc. Pulley system (Upgraded cable): 75$ - meh
Perfect Push-up & Pull-up: 20$ - no
Rogue 2x3 STRIP 1.0 (mounting hardware included): 20$ - this caught my eye

I have been looking at Rogue Strips to potentially use as plate storage, foot plate for GHD or Matador.  This is a nice price point as the current 2.3 Strip 2.0 (with significantly improved branding and tube construction is currently selling for $70, but could ship with 3 ships free.  $20 is a pretty good value.  The real bonus is that he is close to the house and the listing is on Craigslist.


The change plates are being offered by Alex Kay on Facebook Marketplace for $100.  He is 30 minutes away in downtown Denver.  

1.25s = $31
2.5s = $41
5s = $55
10s = $99
$127 retail for the set being offered

bundled, the 37.5# pack is $211 with free shipping and the 35# set is $196 with free shipping.  As I am coveting the 1.25, this is probably priced fairly and will sell within a week?  I would be a buyer if I had not just ordered the Weight It Out plates.

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