Monday, May 8, 2023

Training for Littleton's Strongest 2023

I registered for Littleton's Strongest 2023 on January 4th.  At that point, I was in reasonable general physical condition, felt like the weights were reasonable and had 17 weeks to prepare for the May 6th event.

I took advantage of Open Gym at Thor Strength on 7 separate occasions and trained 2 strongman days on my own.  This was in addition to my usual training which consists of CrossFit and triathlon training.

Fortunately, I did not have to build up to the competition weights and could instead focus on technique and timing and the unusual loading of Strongman implements.

I had one setback when I felt my back "compress" on March 18th.  I bought a reverse hyper that week and was able to substantially train through.  It was a good lesson on breathing and bracing.

I also picked up a Rehband back support for the contest which I did not end up using, but certainly felt good having.

I was able to work with all of the implements at Thor Strength.  At home, I could practice with an elevated deadlift, farmer's hold, and axle bar, but I do not have a keg or a good runway for a yoke carry.

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