Saturday, May 6, 2023

Littleton's Strongest 2023

I was able to compete in Littleton's Strongest 2023 today.  This was a low key Strongman Competition hosted by PK and Zabrina of Thor Strength Gym at Backcountry CrossFit West.  There were four divisions of escalating weights for athletes to self select.  A was all lighter female athletes.  B was a mix of 4 female and 3 male athletes.  C and D were all male athletes with D athletes using the heaviest implements.

I woke up at 7:15 for an 8:15 departure and 8:30 check in.  I was able to poop, have an egg, half bagel with cream cheese and a half a banana for breakfast along with water and coffee.  Out of an abundance of caution, I popped half an Imodium.  I arrived and checked in without incident.  It turned out that 4 of the 5 events would be indoors so I did not need the hat, chair and a lot of the extra stuff I brought.  Athlete briefing started around 9:15 and then we had time to warm up and events started at 10:00 (about half hour behind schedule).

Warm Up - Reverse Hyper and Crossover Symmetry at home.  Foam roll, Hip Hammy Flow, implement warm up on site.

Event 1 - 225# 18 inch deadlifts for reps.  Despite only getting 10-12 during practice, I knocked out 16 reps (taking 1st and 7 points) with 2 competitors behind me at 15 reps (5.5 points each).

Event 2 - Axle Clean & Press at 75, 95, 115#.  I flew through this taking second in 12.94 seconds (6 points).  Randy won the event beating me by 0.3 seconds.  This had me going into event 3 with 13 points.  Second place had 10.5 points.  My execution was fast despite grazing my head lowering the first barbell.

20 minute break between events

Event 3 - 110# each hand Farmers Hold.  Having the advantage of going last and being in the lead, I pushed hard on this event going the full 2 minutes and sharing first place with Reina and an additional 6.5 points (19.5 total, second place was 16 and I was brimming with confidence).  In practice I had only held for 40 seconds so this was purely on adrenaline and being in the lead.

Event 4 - 265# Yoke Carry and 35# DB Clean & Press.  I thought I did great, but completed the event in 20.4 seconds for 5th place.  The top four competitors were at 16.4, 18.4, 18.8, and 20.3 seconds).  This kept me in first by a much slimmer margin at 22.5 points and Reina in second place at 22 points.  I was keeping my eye on Reina and did not consider Randy, the third place man who won the event to total 20 points.  This was almost a huge mistake.  I thought I executed this well, but need to move much much faster.  It is hard to gage how fast you and your competitors are going.  I will definitely work on speed and a rolling pick in the future.

60 minute break between events (much longer than planned)

Event 5 - 100# Keg Carry for distance.  I took 3rd in 3rd in the event at 300 feet for 5 points.  My goal was to beat Reina who I watched carry the keg 292 feet.  This brought me to a cumulative 27.5 points.  Randy won the event and grabbed 7 points propelling him to 27 points and second place.  Matt took second at 312 feet.  In training I had only gone 150 feet, but having the crowd really amped me up.  I did 160 feet before a short reset and then at 270 feet, I heard the 5, 4, 3... and took off because I knew I had to get to the 300 foot line.

I was beyond thrilled to win the Division (which included a small trophy and a pair of Thor Strength Deadlift Socks).  The field was very friendly and sociable with everybody cheering for everybody.  The most "dangerous" event was the keg with two competitors wiping out and throwing the keg forward.  This rattled me a bit.

I urinated before every event except the Yoke (they went by height rather than placing and I was caught off guard) having to go 2nd instead of 7th.  I had a Larabar before the Keg carry and it was a good move to get some calories.  I finished one bottle of Propel during the event.

It was a pleasant surprise to meet Kim (from the USAWA, took 3rd in A division) and her husband Randy (who took 2nd in the B division).  Randy was recovering from a torn biceps tendon which certainly set him back in the Deadlift and Farmer's Hold.  If not for those 5th place finished, he would have won handily.  He won the other 3 events.  I also saw Kristie who was supporting her partner Nathan (who took second in C) and his friend Vaughn (who struggled with the C division weights, but would have crushed the B division weights).  Finally, I talked to some folks who train at Iron Titan and I definitely need to drop in.  They train Strongman Saturdays from 8 to noonish.

Overall, my prep and support equipment used was perfect.  I definitely need to work on speed.  Stepping up to the C division would be a big jump, but I intend to train for it.  The weights would be 345# deadlift for reps, 135, 155, 175# axle press medley, 200#/hand Farmers hold, 345# yoke and 70# dumbbell and 175# keg carry.  Of course the events at every competition will be different, but that is the benchmark, I want to work towards.

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