Thursday, May 4, 2023

Cervelo P2

MENS TRIATHLON BIKE - great if you’re just getting into triathlons or are getting more serious!!!

P2 - 56cm (I am 5'9" and fits fine, could work for someone much taller.)

Full Dura Ace 7900 components, Easton EA 90 Aero training wheels, and Speedplay Zero titanium pedals included. Bike has been raced in only a handful of races and a few hundred training miles. Upgraded Cobb Cycling saddle.

Specs as follows: - 2010 Cervelo P2 carbon frame 56cm - 2010 FSA Vision aero-bar and brakes - 2010 Easton EA 90 aero wheels - 2010 Shimano Dura Ace front derailleur, rear derailleur, crankset(53/39), brake calipers, and shifters - 2010 Shimano Ultegra cassette/chain (11-23t) - 2010 Speedplay Zero titanium pedals. Happy to answer any questions or send additional pictures. Please note that I accept cash only.

I ended up going to take a look at this bike and it was in pretty good shape.

Size felt good
Drop test did not sound funky
Seat post slid up and down fine
No defects in frame.  Slight rub on non drive side chain stay.
Headset seemed fine
Handlebars were OK, need to be re-taped and elbow pads replaced
Wheels were true
Drivetrain seemed fine.  Chain was lubed.
Cables were not frayed.  Shifting and braking was smooth
Test ride felt smooth and the fit felt comfortable.

Kyle Pitts listed the bike for her husband Andrew.  I got a chance to meet Andrew and he confirmed that he was the second owner and that he had never crashed it.  He had it tuned and fitted (Denver Fit Loft) when he purchased the bike in 2017 from the original owner.  He has done routine maintenance since then, but nothing professional.  He is selling because he is getting into other sports.  He was very easy to talk to and the bike was in good shape.  A little dirty, but nothing ridiculous.  I believe him when he said he used it for a few seasons of triathlon and then hung it up.

I liked the bike, but was on the fence about purchasing.  I offered $600 and he decided to take it without a counter offer.  Either I offered too much or he really does not enjoy dealing with selling on the secondary market.  At this price, I can afford to get a tune up at REI for $150 (but it does not need one).  I will not be opting for a professional fit.  Current prices at Denver Fit Loft have certainly creeped up for Foundational Fit ($299) or Retul Fit ($399)

He was kind enough to throw in some Shimano 105 pedals (retail $120) which will fit my current cycling shoes.  He also gave me a Giro Air Attack helmet (originally retailed at $240) and shield which was a little dusty and had an old sticker on it, but it cleaned up nicely.  Finally he had some replacement Vision Pads (retail $22) that he ordered.

Included with the bike were the Speedplay Zero Titanium pedals which originally retailed for $350 and are on the secondary market for $100.  If I want to give them a whirl, cleats from Wahoo are $55 and knock offs are between $20-$30 on Amazon.

He had upgraded to a Cobb Saddle which retail for over $200.

Overall, I am thrilled.  The bike is in great shape as is.  I am excited to have a new toy and new training tool.  If it really does not work out for me, I have no qualms selling the bike for $400 or more in a couple of years.

The bike cleaned up really well.  I took off the wheels, gave it a good scrub, installed the new arm rests and the Shimano 105 pedals.  I also took a look at the water bottle cages.  I tried to reuse the Cinelli cork tape from my old triathlon bike and it turned out ok, but not great.  No hurry on getting new bar tape (cost between $20 and $30).  I may still ditch the front cage.

My dilemma is how to carry tools.  For racing I need to have something attached to the bike.  All of my current saddle bags would not fit around the seat post.  First class would be an XLAB system.  The Sonic Wing fits Cervelo models with 2-hole seat posts and costs $120.  Plus the cost of water bottle cages (Xlab gorilla cages run $75 each, cheap aluminum cages are $15).  Plus the cost of the Xlab Mini Bag ($21.95) or Mezzo Bag ($28.95).  As a temporary fix, I could throw tools in a jersey pouch from Muc Off ($18).

Xlab Sonic Nut - various sources - $20-$25
Xlab Mezzo Bag - Amazon - $28.95

Additional Tools
Tube - 700x23mm - $6 Specialized
Inflation System - $15-$20 Amazon
Tire Levers - $6

5/6/2023 - Took it out for a spin and the seat was too low and too far forward.  I did some tuning and will give it a whirl, but may break down and do a proper fit.

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