Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Eleiko Change Plates

FOR SALE 🏷 (17) PLATES & Power Barbell

✔️Asking $300 for all
PICKUP location:
Something New Boutique
11590 Ridgeline Dr
Colorado Springs, CO  80921
(Ridgeline Dr & Voyager)

Listed by Angela Kolb Cagwin

As much as I hate to justify a trip down to Colorado Springs to pick up weight plates I do not need.  I am going to make an exception.

The yellow plates caught my eye and appear to be Eleiko branded change plates (yellow) for the 1976 Montreal Olympics.  I am guessing a pair of 1-1/4 and 2-1/2 kg.  In addition there are a couple 5 more change plates, 2x25 or 35 and 6 bumper plates.  If they are 45s, I am putting the total at around 400 pounds.  The barbell is harder to identify.  It has a single set of knurl marks (Olympic or Powerlifting?) and no center knurl.  Plastic collars and cannot determine bushings or bearings.  Either way, I would drive down just to pick up the Eleiko and liquidate the rest at $1/lb.

I reached out to Angela on Wednesday (5/10/2023) and she said that she just offered them to a girl, but if that fall through, I am next on the list.  All day on Thursday (5/11/2023), the plates are still marked as pending.  It is taking all of my composure not to reach out to her again.  This morning (5/12/2023) the listing went from pending to sold.  I contacted the seller and indeed the buyer took everything.  I wonder if the buyer knows what they have?

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