Thursday, May 11, 2023

Cool Equipment in Greenwood Village

Not sure what type of clean up James Hooper from Greenwood Village is trying to pull off, but I certainly want a piece of it.  His equipment is premium, spans multiple decades and is just cool.  I am most interested in the training plates and change plates.  I have been wanting to add some branded Ivanko equipment for a while and this certainly fits the bill.  Also I am a sucker for Eleiko equipment.  Finally, Pendlay and Werksan (Turkish) are legendary names in Olympic lifting and would be cool even though it would be a mismatched set.  A full change set is 5, 2.5, 2, 1.5, 1, 0.5 kg (25 kg).  For those of you familiar with my purchase history, I unfortunately do not lift in Kilos, but this may get me started down that track.  The EliteFTS bench is absolutely awesome and puts the Rogue Westside Bench to shame.  It currently retails for $2,214.  The thought of moving this monolith frightens me.  The kettlebells are equally nice, but I really do not train kettlebells that much and have exactly what I need to meet my needs.

I reached out to James last night (5/11/2023) within hours of listing via email and text and have not heard back.  He responded (5/12/2023) to my email and text that the equipment was available and that I could pick up today.  I wasted no time and am beyond thrilled.  Jim was a nice older gentleman (Army) who trained kids in Olympic lifting out of his garage at one time sporting 6 platforms in a 3 car garage.  He is thinning out his equipment which currently occupies 1 bay of the 3 car garage and is set up for only one lifter.  His kids have gone to be competitive high school wrestlers and one went into the Army and completed Ranger School.

The technique plates have been well loved and are 100% functional.  I will not be able to part with the second set as planned.  30kg for $100 = $1.50/lb

Eleiko - 5kg (white) and 2.5 kg (red) pairs

Ivanko - 5kg (black with brass calibration plugs)

Hitechplates - 2.5kg

Homemade - 2.0 kg

The change plates were better than expected.

Werksan - (1) pair of 2.5kg (red), (2) pair 2kg (gray), (2) pair of 1kg (green), (2) pair of 0.5 kg (white) = 19kg of Werksan metal; 

As near as I can tell Werksan made a full 25kg set in gray and colored.  

5 (white)
2.5 (red)
2 (blue)
1.5 (yellow)
1 (green)
0.5 (white) 

My "color" set is missing the white 5kg, blue 2 kg and yellow 1.5kg.  I have the 2kg in gray.  I still need to determine what era these are.

Ivanko - (1) pair of 1.25kg (black) rubber coated

Pendlay - (1) pair of 2kg (blue) rubber coated

and the piece de resistance

Ivanko - (1) pair of 1.25 lb chrome plated M series change plates 1.305 and 1.307 pounds.

Total = 25.5kg + 2.5lb for $100 = $1.70/lb for change plates

Considering, I paid $5/lb for Rogue rubber coated change plates (2.5 lb pair for $25, makes this deal even more impressive).  Now I need to consider how to store my treasures.

Now I feel like snatching.  If I built out a Kilo set, I would need 1.5kg and 5 kg change plates and 10 and 15 kg full sized bumpers.  I would be willing to trade to get there.  For my strength, I do not need 20 and 25kg bumpers.


Light full size Olympic plates - to be sold entirely as a set, one package, WILL NOT BREAK THEM UP - IT IS $100 FOR THE ENTIRE SET. These allow training the pull and Olympic lifts from the floor, i.e., correct bar height, for novices and folks not ready for 40kg and up loads. Perfect for Crossfit or any WL gym.

2 pairs of 5kg plates (one pair Eleiko and one pair Ivanko).
2 pairs of 2.5 kg plates (one pair Eleiko and one pair Mwerks).
Plus a 2.0 kg pair thrown in for free.
Cash only, local pickup only. Please do not ask me about anything except cash - answer is no - thanks!

Current Retail (The pieces for sale are obviously older, but at $25/pair it is hard to go wrong)
Ivanko (5kg) - $163 each current generation
Eleiko (2.5kg) $157 each
Eleiko (5.0kg) $234 each
Mwerks (2.5kg) $240 pair of Hitechplates

Olympic plates from 0.5 to 2.5 kgs each - ENTIRE SET AS LISTED, WILL NOT BREAK UP.
1 pair 2.5 kg.
3 pair 2.0 kg.
1 pair 1.25 kg.
1 pair 1.0 kg.
1 pair 0.5 kg.
See pics.

1 pair 2.5 kg - Werksan (red)
3 pair 2.0 kg - Pendlay (blue), Werksan (gray)
1 pair 1.25 kg - Ivanko (black), $17 each current retail
1 pair 1.0 kg - Werksan (green)
1 pair 0.5 kg - Werksan (white)

Elite FTS Competition Bench Press - Like New Condition. Professional grade, heavy duty equipment for serious gyms/lifters. Spotter stands, pins for bands/Westside training, abundant plate storage. See photos. Compare comparable benches at $1500+ new. Steal this one for $500 firm.
Cash only - no Venmo, crypto, checks - cash only. Local pickup only. You will need at least a small pickup to take this gem home; I will help you load it. The bench can be unbolted from the main rack assembly (blue), as can the plate storage racks, if needed.
Text me and leave your first name at least if interested. First serious inquiries get first dibs.

9502 East Lake Circle near Boston and Orchard

He is 100% correct that this is a $1500 bench that no one needs.  Especially not me, but it is oh so choice.  The EliteFTS Flat Bench - Deluxe Competition Bench is on the website for $2,214 including your choice of 9 colorways.

Kettlebells Set as listed below - to be sold and ENTIRE SET - WILL NOT BREAK UP. All these are "hardstyle" design and perfect for StrongFirst or other KB hardstyle training systems. Most are PerformBetter branded but a couple are Diamond (exactly same design) - see photos. Pavel would approve I'm sure. CASH ONLY. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY.

6 kg - 1
8 kg - pair
10 kg - 1
12 kg - pair
16 kg - pair
20 kg - pair
24 kg - pair
28 kg - 1
32 kg - 1
40 kg - 1
48 kg - 1 ("The Beast")

Love the description of these.  "Pavel would approve I'm sure."

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