Monday, May 8, 2023

DZ Trade Pile


Please message me for more detailed pictures.  Would really prefer a trade. Can add cash on my end if necessary. I can ship just about everything at buyer’s expense.

ISO: York buns 1lbs, single 2lb, 6lbs, 9lbs, 35lbs pairs, york globes single 60, 65lbs-75lbs, 85lbs-100lbs pairs. Single American Barbell DD 45, single blue schisler 10lb, york milled 2.5s, & york ship wheels.

Only looking to trade the following: (not selling)
York 100lbs RHs USA stamped 
York 80lbs RHs (not pictured)
York 55lbs globes

Will sell or trade everything else: 
2nd Gen Texas Power Bar $200
York Olympic collars $50 per pair
York blobs: half 50 $50, half 60 $60, half 65 $65
Single 50lb globe $100
Pair of golden 40lbs globes $200
York buns: 3lbs pair $40, 15lbs pair $100
Small York RHs: 3lbs pair $20, 6lbs pair SOLD, 7lbs pair $50, single 7lb $20
Ferrigno change plates 1-10lb 2-5lb 5-2.5lb $30 for all
Ivankos 1-10lb 2-2.5lb (m series) , and 4-1.25lb  Taiwan $30 for all

Message me if interested. Like I said would really prefer to trade. So if you have anything from my ISO list please reach out! Thanks.

The Ferrigno and Ivanko 1.25's I was interested in sold quickly.

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