Saturday, January 14, 2023

Indoor Cycling

It is cold in Colorado and there has been plenty of snow on the ground since we have gotten back in town.  Even in the summer time, I am a bit of a fair weather rider so it was nice to get the indoor trainer set up.

As I started playing with it, I could not get the sensor to work with IpBike and started by changing the battery which did not do anything.

Then I had the idea of seeing if it would pair with my Fenix 6 and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it did in fact connect.  The next step was fiddling with the sensor to actually show data which it did and the data seemed reasonable at 12 mph for an easy spin.

I flipped back to IpBike and was still struggling so I am going to abandon it.

After some more searches, it appears that Samsung dropped ANT+ sensor support after the S20.  That is why it worked with my S12, but not my S22.  If I want to stick with TrainerRoad, I can go back to using a computer or get a different sensor.  The Garmin 010-12843-00 Speed Sensor 2 is $35.55 on Amazon right now and would be the option for moving to a Bluetooth compatible sensor.

The upside is that if I want to continue to train on my own with an indoor ride a couple of times per week, the Fenix 6 is a no brainer solution.  It is not as intelligent or engaging as TrainerRoad, but it is also free.  $20/month plus $35in hardware is not life changing money, but in all likelihood, I will want to switch back to outdoor training in the spring.

Today I started with a 30 minute untracked ride and then another 10 minutes tracked with the Fenix 6.

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