Thursday, January 12, 2023

USAWA 2023 Quarterly Postal Events

Some exciting lifts for 2023


Dumbbell Swing - One Hand - I have played with this before
Deadlift - No Thumb - One Hand - This should be interesting
Deadlift - 2 Bars - Meh


Cheat Curl - Need to practice this.  I tweaked my biceps last time
Snatch - One Hand - This could be brutal
Continental to Belt - Not sure what to expect


Holdout - Lowered - I will really struggle with this.  May skip
Ciavattone Deadlift - Played with this before
Clean & Push Press - Standard CrossFit movement


Snatch from Hang - Should be fine except bar must dip below knees
Deadlift - 2 Dumbbells - Not sure if I want to go plate loaded or use my 100's
Pullover and Press - This does not look too bad.

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