Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Climbing Holds

With snow and ice moving into Colorado, I find myself working out in the basement more and would like to add some climbing holds.  I saw some on the secondary markets, but my best bet will be to just purchase a set of jugs.  I am settled on Nicros Blockhead Jugs (7 lbs, orange) as the price point is great and those would allow me to build to pull-up "stations" along with a couple of transitions pieces if I wanted to traverse as part of my training routine.

They are $68.95 from Amazon with free shipping and returns ($86.95 from Nicros).  They include bolts as well, but I do not know if the bolts are sufficient for putting through the lumber I have in the basement.  Not then end of the world for me to purchase some hardware from Lowes.

Nicros Holds

Metolius Contact Training Board

I was pretty set on the jugs, when I cam across a hang board for $40 in Littleton.  This would meet my needs well as all I am really looking for is a pull-up station.  This retails for $120 from Metolius and is a pretty good deal.  These are frequently on Facebook Marketplace and I assume a corner case item that people often buy and do not use.  I owned one myself that I sold in 2000-2001 when I moved out of my studio apartment and into a one bedroom condo.

I may still get the Nicros holds, but will wait until I am not in a fast paced spending spree.

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