Sunday, January 15, 2023

2023 International King Kong Grip Challenge

I have been wanting to fill out a set of grip implements for quite a while.  With the announcement of the 2023 International King Kong Grip Challenge, my enthusiasm was renewed and I began my search.


2.25" Crusher (FBBC) - 6"
IronMind Block (6" lift) 
Finnish Ball (Otevoima Ry) - 13"
2.5" Jug (FBBC) - 6"

I reached out to FBBC for the 2.25" crusher (not listed but 2" is $100 and 2.5" is $115) and 2.5" jug (listed at $35)

Finnish Ball is 35.00 euro plus 45.90 euro shipping.  Hopefully I can find some interested folks and buy 4 and sell 3 to save on the shipping costs.  Alternatively, I might buy the Arm Assassin Strength Shop trainer version for $25 plus $10 shipping plus $1.50 in taxes or $36.50 all in.

IronMind Block is $44.95.  Shipping was another $18, so I threw in a $32.95 hub tool to make the shipping sting less.

Getting excited.

FBBC has a great selection of interesting product.  Depending on the buying experience, I am also interested in the following:

Pro Dumbbell to build a Thomas Inch Dumbbell

Final Form Vertical Bar - Base + 1" head + 2" head = ($170).  

I could buy a barbell and pull the sleeve.  This is how the original lift was developed.  There is currently a barbell listed for $45 in my area.

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