Saturday, January 21, 2023

Thor Strength Gym - Open Gym

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Thor Strength Gym


I  finally made my way over to Thor Strength Gym and had a chance to meet PK and his wife Sabrina along with a couple of members Gary and Hunter.

The gym is spacious and sparsely furnished for powerlifting, general fitness and strongman.  The only piece of cardio in the place is an old Schwinn Fan Bike.  There was a yoke, couple of strongman logs, couple of Farmer's Carry handles, lots of tires, sandbags from 50# to over 200#, 4 kegs from 107# to 200+ pounds.  There were also several racks and plenty of space to work in.  There was also a turf section for the yoke carries and other movements.  The flags on the walls represent the owners ancestry.  I recognized the Icelandic and Indian flag, but not any of the others.  One of the flags I looked up afterwards was the LGBTQ Progress Pride flag.  It is great to see the strength & fitness community be inclusive.

Thor Strength is is hosting a strongman competition with:
Axle Medley
18" Deadlift
Yoke & Dumbbell
Farmer's Hold
Keg Carry

After warming up I spent 20 minutes each on the following implements:

Yoke - 165# (empty), 205#, 265#, 305#
Keg Carry - 107# worked on hoisting and turning
Log Clean and Press - 50# (empty), 70#, 90#, 110#

I will definitely plan on going to open gym again.  Memberships are a little steep at $200/month.  Drop in is $20.  I would consider a punch card system.  I will plan on visiting Iron Titan Gym.

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