Friday, January 20, 2023

2023 CrossFit Open

The 2023 CrossFit Open kicks off in less than 1 month.

Week 1 - Feb 16-20
Week 2 - Feb 23-27
Week 3 - Mar 3-6

This will be my 8th CrossFit Open.  I have completed all of the workouts from 2016-2022 (I did not register in 2018).  

In 2016, I did all of the workouts scaled and I had to mostly stick to that plan through 2020.  In 2021 and 2022, I was able to do the movements as prescribed, but would have had limiters if I had gone deep enough into the workout.

I have had the same sequence of limiters on my board for a few years.
  • Heavy Thrusters - These light me up and I wanted to work to 95 pounds
  • Overhead Squats - Combination of mobility and strength.  I have no confidence past 95 pounds (and programming goes to 115 pounds)
  • Chest to Bar Pull-ups - I can manage singles on a good day with a heavy kip
  • Toes 2 Bar - I can manage singles, but they are ugly
  • Walking Lunges - I did spend sometime on these, but the Open has programming 95# overhead walking lunges which I still would not be able to perform
  • Bar Muscle Ups - No plan to even develop these
  • Handstand Push-ups - I have worked on these, but currently could not do a single
  • Pistols - I have worked on these from time to time
I am comfortable with a heavy-ish barbell but will continue to struggle with gymnastics.  I can string double unders together on a good day.  Despite struggling with the standard, I  can do an official wall walk.

If history is any guide, T2B, DU and Thrusters have appeared in every Crossfit Open.  Of the 11 years, the following have appeared in 6 or more years - C2B, Wall Ball, Deadlifts, Burpee, Barbell Snatch, Ring Muscle Up, Row (for cals), Box Jumps and HSPU.

The goal of the open is to be inclusive and I would not expect the rower to return to the Open.  

The 2023 Equipment List includes:
  • Barbell - 23.1, 23.2B
  • Plates - 23.1, 23.2B
  • Dumbbells (70, 50, 25, 20#) - TBD
  • Kettlebells (16, 24, 32 kg) - TBD
  • Med Balls (20, 14, 10#) - 23.1
  • Plyo Boxes (20, 24, 30") - TBD
  • Gymnastics Rings - 23.1
  • Jump Rope - TBD
  • Concept2 rower = 23.1
  • Pull-Up Bar - 23.1, 23.A
  • Wall Space - wall walk, HSPU, wall-ball shots - 23.l
  • Climbing Rope (15') - later stages of competition - TBD
  • GHD - later stages of competition - TBD
The 70# dumbbell and 32kg kettlebell are new and would represent a challenge

The 2022 time domains were 10, 12 and 15 minutes and a combination of couplets and triplets.

As much as I would like to evaluate and guess at repeat workouts.  My best shot at success is to keep my weight as low as possible and continue my current training plan.  Last year January 20th I was 191#.  This year I am 188.5# as I continue to put on the weight that I lost in India.  I should not be equipment constrained (with the exception of a 24 and 32 kg kettlebell) and will attempt to do all of the workouts at home.  If I am missing something, I will pop into Open Gym at CFG or somewhere else and work something out.

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