Friday, January 20, 2023

5K - Core - 1 Arm Axle Deadlift

Thursday, January 19, 2023


Basement Gym

5K Row 

26:18.4 - much slower than my recent efforts, but the best I had today.

I thought I used the rower a lot, but lifetime meters was only 166,483 at 14:31:10.

Core Finisher

3 Sets
3:00 AMRAP
20 Alt V-Ups
10sec Hollow Hold
20 Russian Twists (over and back = 1)
10sec Hollow Hold
R: 1:30 b/s

Notes: The goal is to have each movement unbroken with as little to no rest as possible between movements.

The goal was not met.  I scaled to alt tuck ups, tuck holds and feet on the ground Russian twists and I still struggled.  I managed 4 rounds over the 9 minutes of work and that included rest between reps and between movements.

1 Arm Axle Deadlift - January Contest 2023  - Napalm Nightmare

112# - fail

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