Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Fitness Goals 2023 v2

I thought I had a really well thought out calendar a couple of weeks ago.  Then it became filled in nearly perfectly with a couple of well timed events.

February - CrossFit Open

May 6 - Thor Strength is hosting Littleton's Strongest 2.  I was turned onto this via a Facebook post and was excited to find out it is only $35 and capped at 30 athletes.  There are various categories for the six events

Axle Medley
18" Deadlift
Yoke & Dumbbell
Farmer's Hold
Keg Carry

I registered for Division B as I should be able to manage 75, 95, 115# Overhead Axle Press, 225# Deadlift, 265# Yoke and 35# Dumbbell.  110# Farmer's Hold and 100# Keg Carry.  Division C was certainly beyond my capabilities. and Division A would not have been as good a test.

May - Garage Gym Competition

July 22 & 23 - Tough Mudder Byers - $95 for the 5K which features a 5K run and 13 obstacles.  They also have 10K, 15K and Infinity options.  Some friends from college decided to plan a trip to Denver and this would be a great way for us to get together.

August - D'Evelyn Dash

September - Littlefoot Triathlon

October - Garage Gym Competition

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