Friday, December 16, 2022

Fitness Goals for 2023

This is as vague as topics get.  However, it is often fun to get a look at the big picture and then drill down wherever appropriate to add structure to the training year.

I start with events.

February - CrossFit Open
May - GarageGymCompetition
August - D'Evelyn Dash - 5K
September - Littlefoot Triathlon
October - GarageGymCompetition

I also consider clubs/memberships

Colorado Masters Running Association?
Rocky Mountain Road Runners?
CrossFit Affiliate membership?  Look for stuff near mile high stadium
GripBoard - Grip Contests?


8 minute mile
225# bench press
Participate in USAWA club meet - Abilene, KS? - 3 days, 2 nights, drive out, compete, drive back
Host GarageGymCompetition

To accomplish everything, I am looking at the following weekly training sessions:

Run long - 30-60 min
Run speed - 20-40 min
Swim - 30-60 min
Bike - 60 min
Deadlift/Bench - 30 min
Squat/Bench - 30 min
Metcon short - 10 min
Metcon long - 20 min

This would end up around an hour a day plus warm-up, cool down, sprinkle in skills and grip work.

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