Saturday, December 10, 2022

Hosting a Garage Gym Competition

I am thinking about hosting a Garage Gym Competition in the Spring.  The competition runs from May 13 - May 21st and I was thinking about going with May 20th to avoid Mother's Day.

I would set up in the garage with the Rouge Squat Stands and Raptor York.  I have plenty of bumpers and steel plates and would move things around to make more room.  

In addition to Squat, Bench and Deadlift, I would like to do add in a Grip Challenge and Odd Lift Floater.  Ideally I would set up a 2.25" Crusher - 6" lift for max weight and Hack Lift - One Arm.

The question for me is inviting people to come out and lift.  I could probably rope in Aziz and Bill.  I would post it on Vintage Weights & Physical Culture and could maybe get Michael and Brian to drop in.  I could post on Instagram, but not sure how many hits I would get.  USAWA might get me a couple of hits and so could the Garage Gym Competition itself.

May 20, 2022
Powerlifting Event
Hosted by Team Gupta Strength & Conditioning
Lakewood, Colorado - USA

Squat Bench Deadlift + 2.25" Crusher - 6" lift and Hack Lift - One Arm

Couple of cases of water.

Food? - Probably not

Prizes? - $20 to highest male & female WILKS score? Trophy for top male & female?

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