Thursday, December 8, 2022

Gyms near CDOT HQ

Starting Strength Denver - 8 min - $275/month

Crossfit Train - 3 min - call

Crossfit Broadway - 9 min - call

Colfax Strong - Strength & Conditioning - 10 min - call

Muscle + Mindset - 6 min - call

Iron Warrior Gym - 13 min (16 min from home) - $60/month

Rocky Mountain Athletics - 2 min - call

It is nice to have choices, although none will be as convenient as Crossfit Golden was from the CDOT Golden Office which was less than 250 yards away.  Crossfit Train will be the closest at a mile away and seems to have a good community based on the Facebook page.

There also seems to be good walking and bicycling trails.

Finally there is also a fitness center on site that I am anxious to check out.

Light rail goes right past the building as well.

Other gyms to check out.  Discount with GEHA

Meadow Creek Tennis & Fitness Club
Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness

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