Friday, December 2, 2022

Black Friday Sales

I had forgotten how crazy and exciting Black Friday Sales can be.  My functional fitness and powerlifting gym is complete.  I am stocked up on consumables like chalk and bands.  I am fully outfitted with personal gear like support sleeves, wraps, belt, shoes, etc.  In addition, I have spares for my spares.  My primary interest is trolling the secondary markets for unique physical culture, grip implements and strongman items.

Rogue Fitness had incredible shipping deals in addition to a good break on prices.  They call in Matte Black November and I was tempted to put in an order.  The shipping prices on gym equipment are naturally obnoxious and it does add up.  The 5 items shipping for $5 is a huge bonus.  They also had boneyard 45# deep dish plates for $55 each.  Even with shipping these worked out to under $200 for a pair.

Rep Fitness had reasonable offerings, but nothing to write home about.

I did buy a Texas Power Bar very early in the month as they were offering a $50 discount on blemished bars.

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