Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Gypsum Gym Closing

Great deals if I were on the western slope:

Stall Mats: $30/each
Rogue 20k BB: $145/each
Bella Bar: $120/each
Training Bar: $95/each
Rogue 9 BB Stand: $80
Rogue HT 45 BP: $90/pair
Rogue HT 25 BP: $60/pair
Rogue HT 15 BP: $40/pair
Rogue HT 10 BP: $30/pair
REP Weight Tree: $80
Concept2 Rowers: $500/each
REP Plyo Box: $65/each
24kg KB: $50/each
20kg KB: $45/each
16kg KB: $40/each
12kg KB: $35/each
8kg KB: $30/each
Rogue Clock: $50
BOSU Ball: $30
Sorinex GHD: $250
REP Flat Bench: $75
DB's $1/lb; 50#,40#,35#,30#,25#,20#,15#,10#
REP DB Rack: $100
Jacobs Ladder: $2000 OBO

Offered by Charles Fradella 12/6/2022 - I saw the post within an hour of listing

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