Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Rogue Loadable Dumbbells

I really admire Dallas Brett.  He listed loadable dumbbells at $500 and specifically noted firm on price.  I have no problem with that.  Facebook Marketplace is a resource for everyone to use.  A week later, he drops the price to $475 as if that 5% drop will bring in all of the buyers.

As an aside, these do retail for $650 and in my opinion have a very limited market.  It was not unreasonable to get 75% of retail during the crazy sellers market.  They are in like new condition.  The fitness market is starting to become a buyers market.  Loadable dumbbells are cost effective compared to fixed weight dumbbells, but in my opinion clunky to work with and certainly not as secure.

I have seen Fringe Sport DB handles and Titan DB handles for around $100 for a pair.

I personally own a cheap pair of CAP loadable handles that were purchased for $20 (with 40# of weight plates) with the specific intent of using them for one arm dumbbell deadlift.  I load them with full size (18") plates and would not use them for much else.  I would also like to build out an inch dumbbell.

Unfortunately the inch replica handle by FBBC is discontinued.  For my purposes a fat gripz handle ona a standard dumbbell is more than sufficient.

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