Saturday, December 10, 2022

Gungnir Dumbler

Came across a pair of Loadable Dumbbells in Wheat Ridge.  Being offered by Loye Willis for $300 (Retail is $449).  He is also selling Titan Plate Tree for $100, 35# Go Fit Kettlebell for $15 (SOLD), EliteFTS Quick Ship Lat Pull/Low Row ($995, retail $1437), Rep Fitness PR-4000 41" Crossmembers, set of 4 for $175, Rep Fitness flip down safeties for $125, Rogue Monster Lite Monolift 2.0 Attachments for $275 (Retail is $390).  

66 cents on the dollar is certainly fair pricing and I really like the Gungnir dumbbells for a number of reasons.  Really unique lock mechanism from a Norwegian brand.  It would fit nicely in my museum of physical culture.  Originally retailed at $549.  I would not hesitate to buy these at $200.

UPDATE 11/9/2023 - Another set of Gungnir product popped up on Facebook Marketplace being offered by Kevin Schroll in Denver.  The Dumbler and 20kg Allrounder for $1000.  Retail is $549 and $699 respectively plus $98 for shipping.  Essentially, I am looking at 75 cents on the dollar.  

I rejected the previous pair at 66 cents on the dollar (not include shipping) and that was a mistake.  I should be prepared to offer $800 for these (66% of $1248 pre-shipping cost).  That works out to roughly $350 for the Dumblers and $450 for the Allrounder.

The unfortunate reality is that I rarely train with loadable dumbbells and I do love my Texas Power Bar and Eleiko Weightlifting Bar.

UPDATE 11/13/2023 - These sold within a week.  Maybe at ask, maybe less.  No regrets not making an offer.

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