Wednesday, January 11, 2023


Wednesday, January 11, 2023




1:30 at 3.2 mph
12:00 at 5.0 mph
1:30 at 3.2 mph



5 rounds
rest 30 seconds between rounds

Alt DB Snatch

3x10 reps
rest 1 min between rounds

Total workout around 30 minutes

CDOT Fitness Center 2829 W. Howard Place

This was my first time checking out the CDOT gym.  It is a very clean facility that kind of reminds of a nice hotel gym.  They have a locker room with showers and lockers for daily use only.  There were 3-4 people in there including me from 1200 to 1245.  I can definitely see this as my primary gym when I am working in the office.  I would like to continue to train at home and leverage the Carmody Rec Center for swimming.  As I am currently planning to be in the office 2 days/week, it does not make sense to join a gym near hear.  I will do another review of the equipment and build a bodybuilding plan based on the available equipment.  The only thing I might bring from home would be 1-2 abmats and a timer.  No real need for liquid chalk or anything else.  I would also keep a towel and some body wash at my desk along with a pair of shoes.
  • TKO dumbbells from 5-100 in 5 pound increments
  • 2 adjustable benches
  • 1 utility bench
  • 1 flat bench
  • 2 flywheel bikes
  • 2 other bikes
  • 2 recumbent bikes
  • 1 water rower
  • 1 stair climber
  • 3 treadmill
  • 3 elliptical
  • pull-up tower
  • hip extension
  • functional fitness machine
  • 4-5 selector machines
  • TRX
  • med balls
  • stability balls
  • exercise mats

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