Thursday, January 12, 2023

2 x 2 Tiles

Rachel Wood has listed a  set of (8) 2 x 2 Rogue tiles for $200.  These retail for $380 plus tax and shipping and are compatible with the deadlift platform and econ platform which retail for $500 and $395 respectively.

The tiles are 1.5" thick and weigh 28 pounds each.  I think they will be perfect for the basement.  I will still keep the carpet, but will cover some of the other space so that I can deadlift.

Stall Mats are 4 x 6 for $50, around $2/square foot

Rogue tiles are 2 x 2 for $25, around $6/square foot

The premium price does not scare me to much.  People stack these for deficit and raised work as well.

I have been looking for a flooring solution for the basement for quite some time.  I had considered stall mats, which would still work fine.  These are preferred because they have already outgassed and will be much easier to move around compared to the 100 pound stall mats.  They could also be used in conjunction with a dedicated deadlift platform.

Deadlift Platform with 8 Rubber Tiles $579.99
Deadlift Platform Frame $289.99 on sale for $231.97
4 Pack Rubber Tiles $151.99 on sale for $151.97
Deadlift Frame with 4 rubber tiles $429.99 on sale for $365.97

I could also order (4) more from Rogue if I wanted a dedicated 6 x 8 Oly Platform.

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