Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Englewood Weights - I Spy

I spy with my little eyes a York Roundhead 15 minutes from the house.  It turned out to be a Pre-USA stamped 50 that I purchased along with a beater bar for $60.  I think he would have gone lower, but it is certainly fair.  I could have gone up to $95 and felt like I was getting a reasonable deal.

I am tracking the roundhead at $40 ($0.80/pound) and the barbell for $20.  I plan on removing the sleeves to train USAWA vertical lifts.  I will track the roundhead with vintage spend and the barbell with grip training spend.

The sleeves came off really easily.  One of the bolts was already half unthreaded.  The other, I managed to loosen by wrapping some electrical tape around a 5/16 Allen key to get it in the neighborhood of a 3/8 Allen key.  I sprayed them both down with PB Blaster and gave them a good scrub.  I did not even attempt to address the internal rust.  The chrome sleeves will definitely be more difficult to grab than bare steel, but it is very much in the spirit of the original USAWA 2 Inch Vertical Bar.  If I enjoy these in any way shape or form, I will go about getting 1 Inch Vertical Bars.  The consensus seems to be to just use 1 inch loading pins.

The plates were in fine shape and certainly a great deal at around $0.75/pound.  He had 3 barbells in addition to the weights in the picture.  Nothing else vintage, but certainly great for somebody setting up a powerlifting space.  I was relieved to not end up with everything and then end up trying to sell of the balance at cost.

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