Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Short Bar

I have found that a full 7 foot (84") barbell is occasionally difficult to manage in a garage gym / basement gym space.  With that problem to solve, I started perusing shorty barbells.  These are typically 28.5mm barbells that are on the order of 6 foot (69-72").

Rogue has two models, the C-70 and the C-70S.  The "S" stands for snatchable and in this case also rackable barbell that reduces the loadable sleeve length.  It weighs in at 35# or 15kg respectively.  Either would be sufficient for my needs, but I would certainly prefer the C-70S.  Both are on the Rogue website for $295 + $25 shipping + tax.  The C-70 is in the boneyard as well for $195.

Fringe Sport has a 15kg shorty that is $399 with free shipping and the shaft is full length (52") as well.

Most all other 6' bars on the market have sleeve lengths less than 48 inches.  For me that means only movements from the floor and would include clean & jerk, thrusters and other CrossFit movements.

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