Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Candelas Strongman Unloading Some Barbells

All prices are cash only and firm. I know I live west of Denver, please plan on driving to our home as I will not deliver.

All Equipment is either like new or in excellent condition.

**SOLD** Iron Mind Apollon's Axle $420. $200

***PENDING**** Rogue Ohio Bar - Stainless / Stainless Sleeves MSRP $465. $200

**SOLD*** Rogue Chain kits (2x5/8" and 1x1/2") with Chain Sheaths and I'll include the Monster Chain Hanger at no cost. MSRP: $600. $200

**SOLD*** Rogue Bella Bar - Tia Toomey MSRP: $395. $200

***SOLD*** Rogue 32mm Squat Bar MSRP: $450. $200

***SOLD*** Bandbell E-Maxx Bar MSRP $350. $150

***SOLD*** Exxentric kBox4 lite + 3 Large Flywheels + Advanced flywheel knob MSRP: >$2,500. $800.

I really did not need anything, but I have had my eye on a Bandbell for quite some time.  As usual, his prices were beyond reasonable and the items quickly sold within 5 hours of listing them.

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