Thursday, January 27, 2022

Gym Interior Design

I have been noticing more and more gyms on forums that have gone the extra effort to make the space feel good.  There is certainly a case to be made for a grunge factory with a garage or basement gym.  There is also a case to be made to create a boutique studio feel.

When I consider that I have accumulated over $7K in equipment, it only makes sense to spend some money on flooring, paint, lighting, sound and maybe paneling.

The pictures are my primary source of inspiration.  

I only have 2 walls to do.  Roughly 35 x 9 = 315 SF of painting.  I would like to go two tone and I do not want to paint the ceiling.  I have a window in the space, white board, chalk board, hspu board, (3) multi-use wall hangers, clock, timer, barbell storage and pull-up bar.  These would be removed.  I would clean and paint.  Then they would be reinstalled.  Paneling looks really slick, but is not practical for my space.  There is too much wall mount stuff to work around.

I do want to upgrade the lighting.  The Barrina solutions on Amazon are easy to install, reasonably priced and a very nice upgrade.  I typically would train during the day time, but this is more for completeness sake.

I do not want a television or speakers.  The garage being right below my daughter room, really does not need anymore noise than me dropping weights.  I have used a blue tooth speaker in the past, but currently I prefer playing Sirius XM radio through an Amazon Alexa device.

I will stick with stall mats.  My garage is too uneven to consider flooring rolls unless I got a screaming deal on materials and professional installation.

First step will be to layout the space again and make sure I still want everything where it is currently located.  I have to work around the garage door and window.  The biggest fixed items are yoke, pull-up bar, mass storage system and plate holder.  Everything else floats.  An ideal space would preserve an 8x12=96 square foot space for workouts with everything stored in the remaining 200-96 = 104 square feet of space.

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