Monday, January 17, 2022

Gym Equipment Sales Ramping Up

I have seen a ton of gym equipment hitting Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.  I am not sure if I am looking more or if people are selling more, but I have seen Olympic weights from $0.50 to $1.00 per pound.  I have seen a similar range for standard weights, but those are not selling nearly as quickly.  I have seen more obscure items going for $0.25 to $0.50 of retail including a Titan Log Multi-Grip bar for $50.

I would not say the flood gates are full open, but the market has definitely shifted from the point where $1.25 for iron plates and $2 for bumper plates was the norm.  Unique items could often be purchased at 80-100% of retail with the only savings being shipping.

I am in the fortunate position to already own all of the gym equipment for my home gym.  The last items I have picked up have all been nice to have items like dumbbells, ab bench upgrade and a weight tree.

The non-vintage items on my wish list include collars, Crossover Symmetry, and Thompson Fatbells.

The vintage items on my wish list have whittled down to 25#, 10# and 2.5# York plate pairs.

I am sure that list will evolve over time, but the reduced list has forced me to walk away from Standard Barbell and off brand weight plates, even when offered at $0.50 per pound.  It has also got me trolling eBay.  Before I go the eBay route, I will probably do in search of (ISO) posts on Vintage Weightlifting Swap.

From Vintage Weights and the History of Physical Culture - Facebook Group:

Zuver DD (45 / 150 / 100 / 200 / 50)
Berg DD
Jackson DD (Gen 1 - no spokes)
York DD Gen 1
*Roberts Barbell Big Wheel (standard) 
Jackson DD (1-A / Gen 2 - spokes)
York DD Gen 2
York DD (75 / 20kg (milled) 
Jackson DD (Gen 3 - lead pockets) 
Weider DD (Gen 2 - spokes) 
Paramount DD (flat / curved edge) 
Gibson DD
Jackson 100
York DD 25 / 35 
Eleiko Gen 1 (Iron Plates) 
York DD Gen 3 / 4 
York University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors 
York Iron Island
Eleiko Gen 2 (Iron Plates) 
Berg Double Sided
Mars DD
Ivanko OMC DD
Iron Man DD
*Sid’s Barbell / Sid’s System (standard) 
Marcy DD 
York 45 kg 
Rekordnaia Stanga
Schmidt DD
Viking Barbell 
Dan Lurie DD
American Gym Co DD 
York Milled Kg
Sisco DD
York Disney
Schisler Eagle Head DD 
Thor DD
Image Barbell kg 
Cougar DD 
Unbranded Ivanko DD (M-Series)
World Class / Cybex 
Ben DD
Universal DD
Superior DD
Schisler DD
Billard DD
International DD (Bullseye/ Regular)
York Milled (Pre USA / USA) 
Unbranded Skinny Script DD
Lou Ferrigno 
Jack LaLanne / Legacy DD

5-50# DB set = 275# (550 total)
55-100# DB set = 775# (1550 total)
5-100# DB set =  1050# (2100 total)

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