Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Benjamin Beaulieu - Amazing Vintage Collection

  • Roberts
  • Ironman
  • York
  • Bur-Bel
  • Weider
  • Billard
  • Wallingford
  • Zuvers (5)
  • Schmidt
  • International
  • Schisler
  • Ben
  • American Olympian
  • Marcy
  • Jackson
  • York (of multiple eras)
  • BFCO
  • Paramount
Ton of dumbbells including round heads, bun heads, globes from York and others.

I was first impressed that the entire collection had been assembled in one year and during a pandemic from December 2020 to December 2021.  Next, I was impressed by the size of the collection.  Finally I was impressed by the rare items such as Zuver's 5 pound plates and Jackson plates.  These are rarely offered for sale and are often prohibitively expensive for most collectors.

The collection shows excellent stewardship with a blend of refurbished and seemingly original plates that have yet to have the dust knocked off.  I hope Benjamin continues his vintage journey.

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