Monday, January 31, 2022

Misc Equipment

This past weekend, I picked up some Pro Style 40# and 45# pairs.  These have a nice patina and are welded construction.  The gal I bought them from thought her husband may have got them from the Air Force Academy when they were clearing out old equipment.  Both pairs were $120 (about 70 cents/pound) which is a good deal regardless of market conditions.

I also picked up a 44# Mutt Bar from Mutt Fitness.  This caught my eye when listed at $75.  Retail is $124.50 plus $44.91 shipping and taxes (total $169.41, ouch!).  I hesitated and then the price was reduced to $60.  I offered $50 and picked it up Saturday morning.  Typically I would not buy fixed weight barbells, but this is a good weight to mix in with biceps/triceps/lat accessory work.  At any rate, near $1/pound for interesting fitness gear will always be attractive to me.

I also finally sold the 25# Yes4All weighted bar.  I was pleased to get $25 for it as it runs $45 on Amazon.  Again, I believe $1/pound is a fair price for most fitness equipment.

My gym build is still done, but I still want a pair of SYQQ collars, Thomson Fatbells and Iron Grip 50#.  I will not buy the 50# dumbbells unless I get a great deal as I recently sold my Rep Fitness 50# pair for $140.

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