Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Iron Grip urethane dumbbells - Littleton

$3/lb FIRM will NOT split the package:

IRON GRIP commercial urethane weights in like-new condition:

40lb pair dumbbells
50lb pair dumbbells
60lb pair dumbbells
80lb single barbell

These all have the upgraded XL "wide grips" in stainless-steel.

$1140 cash firm no trades..these are $5/lb. new and MADE IN USA.

I was watching a gym tour which had Iron Grip dumbbells at 105 and 125# (460 pounds for $500) which was apparently a screaming deal.  Considering this guy wants $3/lb firm, I am starting to believe that.  I would love the set and would probably pay $2/lb (380# x 2 = $760), but that seems crazy.

UPDATE:  7/8/2022 - The lister just dropped the price to $760 ($2/lb) today but unfortunately I am no longer interested, having purchased 50 & 60 pound pairs for $1.25/lb.

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