Monday, January 31, 2022

Stackable Plyo Boxes

I really want these.  Set is being offered in Golden for $400.  Cheapest set I have seen online is from Yes4All and that is just the 6-12-18-24 set.  I really want the 3" which would allow me to go from 24-27-30-33-36.  I really do not need the 12 or 18 and could probably just sell those, but I would rather have the matching set.  The full set from Rogue and Rep are $1100 and $870 respectively.  

Adam Clary originally had these listed at $750, but obviously no takers.

My only solution that even comes close to this is the Power Lift box in 2" increments.  But that is a $1000 new plus $290 freight shipping.  The only question is what could I sell my J Boxes for?

Yes4All - 
6" $100
12" $150
18" $175
24" $175
Set $600

63" of plyo boxes for $400 may not seem like a great deal, but it definitely is a great deal.  For comparison, I bought a 32" wooden set for $140 and (2) 6" drop cushions for $150.

The big doubt in my mind is need.  As a home gym owner, having a 63" plyo box set is overkill.  I would achieve a better stimulus training to 24 inches.  Unfortunately, training at over 24 inches is not something I can currently do anywhere.  Crossfit Golden does not have a set and globo gyms rarely have a set.  The last time I saw a set was at Chuze Fitness in Westminster.

If I am still obsessing over this tomorrow, I will just grab $400 from the bank and head over to check them out.  Worst case scenario, I buy them and hate them and sell for $300 (loss of $100).  Best case, I sell my J Box set for $100-$200 and keep this set for a net $200-$300 investment.  There is also a middle ground of keeping the 24-6-3 and parting with the 18-12.  Unfortunately, I feel like those are great intermediate heights for training under 24 inches.

He is also selling Steel Olympic weights at $1/lb
(4) 45
(4) 10
(2) 5
(2) 2.5

I find my spending getting out of control again.  As much as this is a cop out, the bottom line is that several nice items have come up for sale at reasonable prices.  I still want to keep my gym spend at under $7K, but that is going to take some selling.

I previously told myself that my only future gym purchases would be upgrades with one item in and one item out.  This would be the time to upgrade the plyo set and sell the J Box and Silence Pads.

Well, I broke down and purchased these.  They are awesome.  Just jumping at the storage unit felt smooth and stable.  The big problem is size.  I fit the 24, 3, 18 and 6 in my car, but lashed the 12 to the roof.  I brought it into the office and will take it home tomorrow.  I am very much looking forward to using these.

Adam was kind enough to give me a break on the price.  We agreed on the set of boxes plus (4) 10# plates for $360.  For tracking, I will go with $320 for the box and $40 for the plates.

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