Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Craigslist Posting in Frederick reposted 1/10/2022

I made note of this gym as it has a lot of similarities to mine (J-box, bumpers, iron, pull up bar, rings, atlas stones, kettlebells, technique bar).  Striking.

Originally posted 3 weeks ago (mid December 2021 and reposted 1/10/2022)

Selling a bunch of weightlifting / CrossFit / Powerlifting equipment which is in great shape and has always been indoors in a garage. Yes some of these items might not be much below MSRP on some things but they are weights. They don’t deteriorate when treated right. These are also readily available for serious buyers for pick up. Items include products names from Rage Fitness, Rep Fitness, Rogue Fitness, and Again Faster for the bigger names.


I put the names of everything if you feel the need to research the prices.

If you buy the whole thing we can certainly throw in extras and discount some for sure.

Kettle Bells (all with the larger competition style handles)
Rage Fitness 8kg/18lbs : $30
Rage Fitness 16kg/35lbs : $60
Apollo 20kg/44lbs : $75
24kg/53lbs : $90

Small Steel Plates for Barbells : Priced Per Pair
2.5lbs Again Faster (1 Pair of each) $10
5lbs Again Faster (1 Pair of each) $25
5lbs Fitness Gear (1 Pair of each) $20
10lbs Again Faster (1 Pair of each) $40

Rage Fitness Olympic Rings and Long Straps $50

E-Z Barbell $50 (Unknown Brand)

15lbs Technique Bar Again Faster $100

Rogue 9 Bar Holder (Old Style when you look on the Rogue website) $100

Rogue Fat Boy Sled with Strap $150 for both

Atlas Stones 115 lbs and 95 lbs. $75 and $65 respectively.

Stackable jump boxes one 8 inch : $35 and two 12 inch boxes : $100 each

Ab Mat / Rogue : $20 / Get Rx’d $20 / Rage Fitness $15

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