Saturday, January 1, 2022

75 Hard


Crossfit Golden is coordinating a mental toughness challenge which calls for (6) daily activities developed by Andy Frisella called 75 Hard.
  • Take a picture of yourself
  • Drink one gallon of water
  • Stick to a diet
  • Perform 2 x 45 minute workouts
  • Read 10 pages of non-fiction
  • Consume no cheat meals or alcohol
Some of these are seem harder than others and certainly depend on the individual.  I am a big believer in atomic habits and agree that a change of identity, no matter how slight or how dramatic is vitally important.

I occasionally come across people who ooze confidence, self-esteem and self belief.  Those are often, but not necessarily the people who ooze fortitude and grittiness.  It seems like a combination of life experience and mental toughness.  An attitude that I control my own destiny.

In the past, I was wired for the opposite.  I randomly meandered through life grabbing a goal as the next expected step, taking on the hobbies of people I met or selecting as if perusing a menu.  What to do after high school?  Go to college.  What to do after college?  Get a job.  My friend runs track, I will join him.  I did scouting in Pennsylvania, I should do scouting in Tennessee.  There seem to be some jobs in manufacturing and civil engineering.  Let me apply and see what happens.  I bought a triathlon bike, lets do a triathlon.  I found a Groupon for Crossfit, lets try that.

Atomic habits pairs well into this path as I am a big believer that what I focus on, grows in my life.  When I spend my time watching Crossfit videos and gym equipment reviews, I buy more gym equipment and workout more frequently.  When I spend my time meal planning, trying new recipes and drinking more water for health and performance, I will be healthier.  When I spend my time learning new games and planning activities as a family, we become closer.  When I spend my time working late and on weekends, I am more successful at work.
  • Picture - In the morning, while waiting for the shower to warm up
  • Drink one gallon of water - Fill up my Nalgene and keep it handy
  • Diet - No snacking between meals.
  • Two 45 minute workouts - I think that should be OK, but the challenge for me, will be one outside.  Ratna and I have talked about walking and I can do that.  I need to keep my boots, coat, glove and hat handy.  There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.
  • Read 10 pages of non-fiction - I need to have a book handy.  I am not sure what, but I want it to be professionally oriented.  Although, I do have side goals with coin books and religious books.
  • No cheat meals or alcohol - Not sure what to do with this one.  I want to avoid rabbit holes, and alternatively may cap my screen time in the evening with a two hour timer?
I am mentally tough.

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