Wednesday, January 5, 2022

York Roundheads

York Round Heads

I finally purchased a pair of 20# York Round Heads.  They were purchased from Eric via Facebook Marketplace for the high retail price of $2/lb.  I grabbed the 25# as I am approaching a 25 year anniversary of freedom from alcohol.

The dumbbells have patinaed very nicely and I am excited to have them in my home gym.  The 25# actually has a cud around the Y in York.  I am not sure if the term cud even applies to dumbbells.

Updated Gym Picture 1/5/2022
York Blob purchased for Grip Training

As my home gym is again approaching $7K, I am asking the question, what should a home gym cost??  

The basics of (4) stall mats, power rack, 20kg barbell, 300# plates, bench, (2) pair dumbbells could be as cheap as $1600 with a mix of new and used items with stall mats at $160, a used rack at $400, a decent bar at $300, $1.50 per pound for plates, $125 for a used bench and $1 per pound for dumbbells.  I am over double that.

Cardio can be as cheap as a jump rope at $10.  Assault bike is $600.  Concept2 items are around $900.

Everything else in a home gym is really customization for competition or sport.

I have Crossfit items including abmats, jump ropes, kettlebells, parallettes, plyo boxes, rings, climbing rope, wall ball, pull-up bar and weight vest.  Nothing would be included in a gym without functional fitness.

I also have Strongman equipment including the Yoke, Atlas Stones, and sandbag.  I have unfortunately been perusing Farmer's Carry Handles and a Hungarian Core Blaster on secondhand markets.

I have somehow started piecing together Martial Arts equipment that incorporates rotational strength.

Finally miscellaneous items.  A home gym should include some resistance bands, a clock and decorations.  This can cost between $100 and $200 and is well worth the money.  I am tipping the scales at over $1000 with a $400 storage system, commercial hip extension and random items.

The answer I have arrived at is for most people $2000 is sufficient.  For my $7000 home gym, it is $3000 for basics, $1000 for cardio, $1000 for Crossfit, $1000 for Strongman, and $1000 for Miscellaneous items.

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