Monday, January 3, 2022

Home Gym / Strength Museum

With the purchase of a new 20kg barbell, you would think that my home gym journey would be complete.  You would be mistaken.

My home gym is now starting to blur the line between a tool and an archive.  I was inspired by the Sorinex Museum of Physical Culture (which was inspired by the Stark Center at the University of Texas).

As a result, I started looking for Vintage York Dumbbells which are functional and a nod to the past.

In a similar vane, I will be seeking out milled Jackson plates, York plates and other Olympic deep dish plates from eras past.  While I doubt I will come across a pair of Zuver's, I would be happy to throw money into the auction ring to own a piece of history.

Until then, I will continue to curate my gym with new and vintage, novel and mundane to continue to build out a space that is not only functional, but inspiring as well.

My short wish list includes Sorinex 40# Center Mass Bells and SYQQ collars.

I would like to own a Texas Power Bar.

I would also love to own custom equipment from the Purdue athletic training center or other customized equipment to which I have a personal association.

I would also like to get some Team Gupta stickers to customize the equipment I already own.

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