Thursday, January 6, 2022

Le Master Barbell


These things are bad ass and certainly pay homage to Zuver's goal of bigger and better.  Do I want a pair? Yes.  Would I prefer a pair of Zuver's or Arnold Classic Plates?  Of course.

At $270 for the pair plus $50 shipping plus $20 tax, my delivered price is $341.81 or $3.80 per pound.  

The nearest equivalent are Rogue Deep Dish plates at $165 plus $60 shipping + $17 tax, my delivered price is $242.57.

The Le Masters are absolutely worth the additional $100.  Made in Southern California by a small company that I would like to do business with. 

1.95 inch thick versus 1.97 inch thick for the Rogue Plates.

I may have to order a set of these.  Worst case scenario, I could sell for minimum $1/pound and more likely $2/pound for a loss between $150 and $250.


I know that I will find interesting and cool workout items this year.  I already have $60 earmarked for some standard plates and $140 earmarked for SYQQ collars.  This is really not that much more at $340, but I would like to keep the spend under $1000 for the year.  The only other item creeping up on the wish list is an "Original" Texas Power Bar at $300.  Planned spend is:

$130 york round head
$60 Ironman 25# standard plates
$140 SYQQ collars
$340 Le Master 45's
$300 Original Texas Power Bar
$200 Thompson Fatbells
$230 Crossover Symmetry
$1400 Total - Yikes

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