Monday, January 25, 2021

Preparing for the Crossfit Open

I have completed the Crossfit Open workouts for the last five seasons and have every intention of completing them this year as well.  The equipment list has been published for garage gym athletes and it includes:

Barbell & Plates
Plyo Box
Jump Rope
Pull-up Location

This may seem like a short list, but the only other equipment I have used during past opens are a Wall Ball and a Rower.

My GOATS could certainly present themselves.  All can be completed with the required equipment.  Unfortunately, I am not any closer to having 95# thrusters, 115# OHS, C2B, HSPU, T2B or Walking Lunges squarely in my wheel house.  Over the past year, I did manage a HSPU (but I was 10# lighter).  I can do singles on T2B and C2B.  Walking lunges, I struggle with and have not trained much.  Rarely have I been programming thrusters and OHS.

This year it will be a three week competition and the top 10% of competitors will advance to the quarterfinals which will be completed at a Crossfit affiliate.

Given the quarterfinal system and video submissions, I expect workouts to have relatively straightforward judging criteria with movements that can be verified with reasonable clarity from a single camera angle.

16.1 - Lunge-Burpee-Pull-up
16.2 - T2B-DU-Squat Clean
16.3 - Power Snatch-T2B
16.4 - Deadlift-WBS-Row-HSPU - OUT
16.5 - Thrusters-Burpee 
17.1 - DB Snatch - BBJO
17.2 - Lunge-Hanging Knee Raise-PU-Power Clean
17.3 - PU-Squat Snatch
17.4 - 16.4 - OUT
17.5 - Thrusters-Rope Skips
18.1 - Hanging Knee Raise - DB HC&J-Row - OUT
18.2 - DB Squat-Bar Facing Burpee
18.3 - Rope Skip - OHS-DB Snatch-PU
18.4 - Deadlift - HRPU
18.5 - Thruster-PU
19.1 - WBS-Row - OUT
19.2 - 16.2
19.3 - Lunge-Box Step Up-HSPU
19.4 - Snatch-Burpee-Pull-up
19.5 - Thruster-PU
20.1 - Ground to Overhead - Bar Facing Burpees
20.2 - DB Thruster-T2B-DU
20.3 - 18.4
20.4 - Box Step Up-C&J-Pistol-C&J
20.5 - MU-WBS-Row - OUT

20 of 25 workouts could be completed with the equipment list.  

For the 2021 Open, I will give all the workouts an honest effort and will turn in an Rx score if possible.  Possible meaning I can do a single rep of the workout Rx.  I will also do workouts scaled as a good benchmark for the future.

I would expect everything should be completed in a relatively small space without 50 feet of handstand walks or walking lunges to keep it easier to stay in frame.

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