Monday, January 25, 2021

Bella Bar For Sale - $200

This Bella Bar is on sale on Facebook Marketplace for $200.  Retail is $215 + $25 shipping + $10 tax = $250.  So $200 is not a bad deal.  I posted the pictures primarily because I was impressed with the garage gym which appears to feature a 6 post power rack,  Rogue Crossfit branded 55/45/35/25# plates, Rogue Deep Dish Iron, battle rope, at least 7 barbells (including a safety squat bar), chains, Lat pull Down/Low Row, mono lift arms, DB from 5 to 100#, dip attachment, plyo box, and some cool gym art including (Rep Fitness, Apeman Lifting, Farr Outpost, Arnold Conquer, Rep Fitness and Massenomics Huge Life).

On further investigation, I found out that "Farr Outpost" is this guys home gym in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and he has a Facebook page.  It appears to be a strongman focused basement gym and has certainly given me some ideas.


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