Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Post Covid Gym Equipment Purchases

June - $672 (timer, bumper plates, dumbbells)
July - $1,031 (Concept2, dumbbells)
August - $100 (steel mace, rower hanger, curl barbell)
September - $200 (bands, flag, drop pads)
October - $774 (kettlebell, plate carrier, yoke)
November - $456 (squat box, pull-up bar, banner, med balls)
December - $0
January - TBD
Total -$3,233

That is a boat load of money and space being occupied by gym equipment.  At $170/month CFG membership, I am breaking even in 19 months.  Most everything I would buy again.  The only suspect items are the drop pads, plate carrier, squat box and yoke.

First things first, to make sure the basement wing of the gym is viable, I need to grab (2) stall mats from Murdoch's.  These are $40 each, but money well spent.  The biggest pain will be loading them and getting them aired out and then finally getting them into the basement.

Then I will more strongly consider having a full on powerlifting space.  I have 140# of weight downstairs.  To truly make it a functional bench/squat set up, I would like to grab a pair of 10#, 2 pair of 5# and 1 pair of 2.5# rubber coated plates ($81).  This takes me to 220# with a 15 Kg bar ($179), which would be more than sufficient for me.

I still browse equipment, but my list is truly a storage system and a change plate set.  I have had the opportunity to purchase 20kg and 15kg barbells and passed.  OSO barbell collars are in stock.  After getting on my Mom's Schwinn Airdyne, I have lost interest in the Assault Air Bike for anything except warming up.  I rarely consider training with a slam ball.  Event the 35# dumbbells are an addition that I really do not need as I rarely train with the dumbbells I have.

What I really need is more physical space.

Per Rep's website
Rubber Coated plates ETA 1/6-1/12 and 2/24-3/2
Change Plates (Lb) 3/15-3/25 and 3/29-4/5
No ETA listed for storage.  It is 11 gauge steel and in the neighborhood of $400 with local pick-up.

Every time I do this little exercise, I consider purchasing the Rogue Mass Storage System.  $464 for the system with 2 bumper/med ball shelves and 1 kettlebell tray, $35 for the change plate storage, $45 for the wheels, $164 for shipping and $32 for tax for a grand total of $740.  It is a 2x2 11 gauge steel system.

The Titan System, if it were in stock would be $275 for the basic + $50 for the KB tray + $60 for the wheels, but similar to Rep Fitness it is out of stock.  It is 13 gauge steel and that is significantly thinner.

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