Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Basement Gym


No sane person has a garage gym and a basement gym.  Fortunately, I never made a claim to sanity.  

The space is 2 horse stall mats (48 square feet), a Raptor Yoke custom cut to 84" tall to fit in the basement, a Cybex bench, EliteFTS squat box and 140# of dedicated plates (2x45 and 2x25).  The barbell and change plates are shared with the garage gym.

This is a near ideal powerlifting set up.  Due to the ceiling height, overhead movements are not feasible.  I could do a variety of functional fitness movements, but would hate to dump a barbell.  

The primary consideration is temperature.  It is often cold in the garage.  Cold is usually tolerable, but this takes away that last excuse.  

I also have my stationary bike set up in this space.  

Longer term, I would like to buy some change plates and a barbell.  It would also be convenient to have a timer.  I should at least get a clock down here.

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